Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Swissco Shore Inspection

Figure 1.0: Crane at lock position

Figure 1.1: Lifting of Crane Boom

Figure 1.2 Unextended Boom (length 6.5m)

Figure 1.3: Extended Boom (length 8.5m)

Figure 1.4: Safe Working of the Crane
9.5T at 6.5m Boom Length
7T at 8.5m Boom Length

Figure 2.0: Winch

Figure 2.1: Work Wire for the Winch

Figure 2.2: Winding the Work Wire on the Winch Drum
Figure 2.3: Inspecting the Work Wire

Figure 3.0: Main Engine

Figure 3.1: Main Engine Stamp

Figure 3.2: Inconsistent indicators on the main engine control panel

Figure 3.3: Generator Set on board

Figure 3.4: Towing Winch Power Pack
Figure 3.5: Towing Winch Hydraulic Electrical Motor Starter Main Panel
Figure 3.6: Pipe Line Color Chart available in the Engine Room

Figure 3.7: Oily Water Separators

Figure 3.8: Bilge Ballast Pump (Blue) and Fire & G.S Pump (red)

Figure 3.9: Fire & G.S Pump onboard

Figure 3.10: Fire Hose under Inspection

Figure 3.11: Steering Gear Power Pack

Figure 3.12: Steering Gear of the vessel

Figure 3.13: Emergency Lamp in the Steering Gear room


Figure 4.0: Stairway to accommodation

Figure 4.1: Dining Hall

Figure 4.2: Roller on the Bow side of the vessel (length 3.5m)

Figure 4.3: Deck Panel and the anchor (covered with canvas)

Figure 4.4: Steering wheel and vessel Control Panel

Figure 4.5: Control Panel on the vessel's bridge

Figure 4.6: Radio Operator Station

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